Technology Consulting

CusDelight’s consulting team is best suited to bridge the gap between an organization's existing IT capabilities and its vision for high performance. At CusDelight we form consulting teams by combining depth of Technology expertise that covers the entire spectrum of technology capabilities, with rich experience in Industry domains and strategic leadership. CusDelight improves your alignment of business and technology through improved process efficiency, reduced cost and enhanced business value of IT.

We start with comprehensive analysis and understanding of the business need, we then work with our clients to design and deliver efficient solutions, striking the right balance between leveraging what they have and delivering what they need. CusDelight provides advice in building a high performance IT organization by standardization and optimization of the IT strategy, governance, metrics, business processes and technology. We work with our clients in technical architecture, business value analysis, asset management, product evaluation and selection, data privacy and security of their IT function.

We are experts in Technology Transformation Consulting and consultants at CusDelight have vast experience in Strategizing, estimating, Designing, Planning and executing huge Technology transformation initiatives such as

At Cus Delight, We understand that even a small mistake during Transformation can lead to big impacts, both for the customer’s business and our business. That is why we follow a process oriented approach to Technology Transformation with step by step methodology to ensure a hassle free transformation

The team at CusDelight did an exceptional job in development and implementation of a tailor made Micro ERP solution for our Oil Extraction and refining industry. For our industry We know more

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